Business to business training


Over the past 10 years the demographics in Scotland have changed drastically with more recent arrivals of new Minority Ethnic communities, however companies and organisations struggle to engage with them or indeed access this growing community of customers. We provide training to Businesses and Organisation on how to engage and access customers from Black and Minority ethnic communities more efficiently and effectively through our diversity and inclusion programmes which are tailor made to suit the needs of your organisation. All programmes are very interactive and training is delivered in a workshop setting.

Capacity building & project development

Through an asset based approach this programme is delivered to organisations and businesses which wish to identify their weaknesses and build on their strengths and abilities. This programme empowers groups to work for change and work more effectively towards their desired outcomes and vision through project planning, reflection, evaluation and team building. To deliver a training programme in your organisation please click here or to book a place at our in house training programme, click here.

Culture and Diversity training

Culture influences what organisations and businesses choose to teach, what knowledge is valued, what skills will be used, their ethics and ultimately how much potential they are able to unlock within their teams. This programme is delivered through a series of workshops to help organisations and businesses identify opportunities and the unique potential within groups. The programme is not just about accepting differences but also harnessing the use of various strengths and skills within the group/team for growth, development and sustainability. Workshops include; cross-cultural communication and the benefits of ethnic diversity in a team.

Community Engagement training

This community engagement programme, delivered through a series of workshops, helps teams and groups to identify their strengths and weaknesses in reaching the community. Through the programme, participants will be equipped with skills and empowered to engage with different ethnic groups in order to deliver relevant and effective services. The training is tailor made to suit the needs of clients whether private, public and third sector organisations.

We also provide tailor made personal development workshops with motivation speakers for businesses, organisation and groups on topics such as leadership, vision and dealing with change.