Early intervention |

We use an early intervention, holistic and tailor made approach to provide training and support programmes for people who are socially isolated and economically excluded. Although our services are available to all groups and communities, our focus is mainly on Minority Ethnic Communities. Programmes are targeted at addressing cultural barriers, social challenges and fears preventing communities from accessing the appropriate information, advice and support towards positive destinations. Focus is placed on empowering people from different ethnic communities to work together, learn from each other and use all available opportunities to engage and develop. All programmes are tailor-made to suit our clients.

Orientation and Integration

We provide support for Minority Ethnic groups to get in touch with available opportunities in order to successfully integrate within their local communities. Using a community Development approach, we provide programmes which create awareness of how to overcome barriers and empower communities to come out of isolation, become confident and work together for change.

Employability and work readiness

Our work readiness and skills training brings together groups to master key employability skills and address barriers to career development. Through group work sessions, and person centred support focus is placed on the skills, qualifications, talents and passion of programme participants. Individuals are supported to develop their personal skills and participate within their local community through volunteering and placement. Participants are also supported develop their communication tools through conversational English classes and soft skills training such as confidence building. Programmes are run over 8 weeks and on completion, candidates receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Enterprise /Entrepreneurship

We provide support and guidance on all aspects of business start-up for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities. Through our enterprise support, entrepreneurs have increased awareness of available opportunities and access to main stream services through advice, signposting and information, connecting them to economic opportunities. Training covers topics such as business structures, barriers to business growth and business cultural differences.