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Radiant and Brighter provide orientation and integration classes, training, employment, business start-up and diversity training to organisations and individuals. We also run a women’s group, child talent group and host community events throughout the year, providing support to the community with specific emphasis to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Scotland. Activities and most events are free to the community so that we don’t exclude anyone due to their financial situation.
Yes, we provide consultations to organisations who want to diversify their workforce and we can provide support throughout the diversification process.
Yes, we provide diversity training for groups of individuals up to 15 people. We also provide diversity training to organisations for up to 15 people. The training can be tailored to the companies’ specific needs. For individual training there is a set curriculum that is delivered
Please send an email to or call us directly and we can arrange an appointment.
Yes, we do sell our products but we do not sell them online. So if you would like to purchase a product please email info@radiantandbrighter for more information. If you have any other questions please contact

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