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    Bright Futures Leadership and Enterprise Program

    It has helped me integrate. My children have joined the choir and are very happy to sing and socialise with other children. I have got connections with powerful women and learnt how to apply for jobs and writing CV’s. I see job opportunities knocking on my door and I’m learning how to survive in the UK as an ethnic minority. I am building my confidence on a daily basis. I meet people with new ideas and I no longer look down on myself.


    Bright Futures Leadership and Enterprise Program

    I have been able to find MYSELF again. I feel reborn. I have found my confidence. I have a reason to go on. I have seen how ladies in this group have benefitted. They have found jobs. Everybody is on a HIGH. Everybody is motivated. There seems to be no barriers now. I want other ladies to benefit from such a good organisation. It will change their lives too.

    I can say that I have found happiness since coming in this group. I feel rejuvenated. I am empowered.


    Bright Futures Leadership and Enterprise Program

    It’s been helpful for my son to play and meet other children. As for me, it’s been another stepping stone to meet new women, learn and I have been trained to advance my skills. It’s helped me to get a job so fast, quicker than I had planned or expected. It’s helped me to learn about great journeys of other women and continue my own.

    Radiant and Brighter candidate

    Connecting Talent and Opportunity with Marks and Spencer

    The feeling of being stuck in one place where you see no hope or opportunities to grow as an individual is both emotionally and mentally killing.

    Everyone opts for opportunity and success in life which is what I found in both Radiant and Brighter and Marks and Spencer.

    It gave me hope and opportunity to grow and experience another side of what life is about in the UK compared to where I come from. It gave me great confidence to interact with people of Scotland whom I never thought I would. So I’m very grateful for this opportunity and I will never forget all the kindness I received from M&S.

    Additionally, what I’ve learned from this experience is to always be determined, have confidence in yourself and that you can do all things if you try and are determined.

    Marks and Spencer mentor

    Connecting Talent and Opportunity with Marks and Spencer

    As a mentor within the R&B programme I have grown so much as a person in so many different levels.

    I feel so humble in having a small part to play in these inspiring and talented individual lives.

    There is so much we take for granted in our lives and they have all made me think differently about my outlook in work and in my own personal life.

    The individuals have all been on a journey and so have I and it is one that will have a lasting effect on my life.



    Careers in Construction program in Partnership with Taylor Wimpey

    I feel very good about this program. I qualified as a mechanical engineering in my country Egypt. I was a bit skeptical about the construction industry but had to try it as it was the nearest opportunity to my previous skills, considering I had given up on my career.

    I searched for a very long time, nearly 3 years hoping to get work as a graduate in mechanical engineering but here in Glasgow they need someone with experience of at least 2 years which I didn’t have. Things are very different here from my own country. The employers demand experience so I was simply looking for an apprenticeship or training to lead to work when I got on to the Taylor Wimpey program with Radiant and Brighter.

    Being on this program has completely changed my mindset about the construction industry. To use my skills and qualification. I got on the program when I was ready to change career, but the program has taught me so much and I actually don’t think I am doing a career shift. Construction is not very different from engineering, I am simply building on my skills and I am delighted to be on the course, doing something I love.



    Careers in Construction program in Partnership with Taylor Wimpey

    This program has been very beneficial for me. The people we work with are friendly and very helpful. The experience for working at a construction site has taught me so much about the industry in Scotland. Every day I discover something new onsite.

    I did engineering in my country but things are very different here. The program has given me confidence and the experience I need to enable me to develop my existing skills and transfer them into a career of my choice. I met different contractors and worked with different people, giving me the experience I need to work on any site. When I came to Scotland, I tried to find work in construction, went to different companies and tried to get a CSCS card. I have waited for more than 2 years and tried to get work, had nearly given up hope, and was now working in security. This program has given me a starting point and I look forward to working in the area of my skill and have a proper career in Scotland.

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